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Staff Biographies  

Michael L. Katzenstein, President  

                Mike is the president of Behavioral Health Care Consultants; a firm specializing in Psychiatric and Substance Abuse Consulting Services.  Clients recognize Mike for his ability to work in highly sensitive political situations and for the integrity and values that are consciously reflected in his work.  He has the ability to create an environment of trust and openness within which organizational leaders are able to address difficult issues in a straightforward manner.  His work is grounded in a commitment to the healthcare industry's awareness of it's mission to serve people.  

                Mike works with his clients as an organization strategist and often functions as a facilitator of complex organizational change processes.  He commonly provides one-on-one coaching to organizational leaders who are attempting to develop the support of key constituencies for changes that are taking place.  He also helps to manage conflicts that develop within organizational decision-making processes.  

                Prior to founding Behavioral Health Care Consultants, Mike served as the CEO of freestanding psychiatric hospitals, and as the leader of multiple department divisions in teaching centers and community hospitals.  He has had both operational and planning experience directly related to the provision of mental health services, including; formation of a PHO, development of regional managed care contracts for mental health services, and the implementation of numerous mental health programs.  

                From 1992 to 1994 Mike was the Executive Vice President at AtlantiCare Medical Center in Lynn Massachusetts.  In that role was responsible for the operation of a 108 bed not for-profit psychiatric hospital, which included the planning, organizing and directing of all facets of operations including fiscal management, medical staff, and the clinical programs.  He had accountability for the controlling of operating and capital budgets consisting of expense budgets of $13.5 million and revenue budgets of approximately $17 million.  

                Mike's achievements at AtlantiCare Medical Center include the opening of a 32-bed replacement unit for the State of Massachusetts in their efforts to privatize state services.  This unit represented $4.8 million in revenues and $1.7 million in expenses.  He initiated and successfully completed a strategic planning process and was involved in the recruitment of new clinical leadership along with the re-organization of the management structure.  While at AtlantiCare he initiated the formation of the psychiatric component of PHO by recruiting four new attending psychiatrists, and implemented a 24-hour emergency crisis service including observation beds.  Under his leadership the hospital obtained new regional managed care contracts from Harvard Community Health Plan, Bay State Healthcare (capitated), and MHMA.   

                In addition the development and implementation of patient satisfaction surveys and patient dinners were conducted as a part of a comprehensive customer service program.  Some of the revenue enhancement programs implemented were a partial hospitalization program, an intensive outpatient program, and an after care clinic program.  Also identified were $1.5 million in cost reduction initiatives.  

                From 1990 to 1992 Mike was the Administrator at the Psychiatric Institute of America North Hills Hospital in Kansas City Missouri.  In that role he was responsible for the operation of a 76 bed for-profit psychiatric hospital.  His responsibilities included planning, organizing, and directing of all facets of operations, which included fiscal management, marketing, human resources management, medical staff and clinical programs.  He was accountable for the controlling of the operating and capital budgets consisting of expense budgets of $10.3 million and revenue budgets of $12.6 million.  

                His achievements at North Hills Hospital included the reorganization of patient programs to enhance quality and the improvement of overall accounts receivable days by 60, 10 of which were accomplished by positive interactions with physicians and the medical records department for more efficient completion of required documentation.  He was instrumental in the recruitment of three new psychiatrists and identified costs reductions, which resulted in a savings of  $720,000 annually.   

                From 1989 to 1990 Mike was the Administrator at Charter Hospital of Paducah in Paducah Kentucky.  In that role he was responsible for an 80 bed for-profit psychiatric and substance abuse facility.  He was involved in planning, organizing and directing all facets of operations including fiscal management, marketing, human resources management, medical staff, and clinical programs.  He was accountable for the controlling of the operating and capital budgets, which consisted of expense budgets of $6.8 million and revenue budgets of $12.5 million.               

                Mike's achievements at Charter Hospital included coordinating the obtaining of Psychiatric Certificate of Need following a legal battle, which resulted in an injunction prohibiting the provision of psychiatric services.  He maintained a profitable bottom line without necessitating staff reductions during the period of the injunction.  Some of his revenue enhancement initiatives included implementing an intensive outpatient program and a women's center.  He identified cost reductions, which resulted in savings of $900,000 annually.   The retention of the only Adolescent Psychiatrist within a 100-mile radius of Paducah was result of his successful negotiation strategy.  

                From 1986 to 1989 Mike was the Assistant Vice President at Children's Memorial Hospital in Chicago Illinois.  The planning, organizing and directing of the environmental services, painting and moving, food service, snack shop, clinical dietetics, nutrition lab and the telecommunications department were all part of his administrative responsibility.  He had the accountability for controlling the operating and capital budgets of these departments consisting of expense budgets of $6.2 million and revenue budgets of $1.6 million.  He served as a liaison to Northwestern University for the hospital's shuttle bus service and to the child psychiatry department.  Administrative on-call duties and hospital committee work were also part of his responsibilities.   

                Mike's achievements at Children's Memorial included implementing a Cost Management Program that impacted the profitability of the Food Service Program by $425,000.  He also successfully coordinated the identification and selection of a new replacement telephone system, which reduced telecommunication expenses by $500,000 annually.

                 In 1985 Mike was the Director of Patient Care Services for Frank Cuneo Memorial Hospital in Chicago Illinois.  He directed the quality assurance plan that resulted in achieving full compliance with the JCAHO, following a survey that identified several non-compliance issues.  Revenues were increased by $300,000 annually by implementing an internal IV admixture program in Pharmacy.  Increases of 60% in parking revenues were obtained by implementing a new parking exit system, which minimized costly gate breakdown and a cost reduction of 30%, was identified and initiated by reducing inventory in the general stores.  

                From 1983 to 1984 Mike served as Management Consultant for MEDCO, Inc. in Chicago Illinois.  Mike coordinated the installation of Productivity and Cost Management Systems and Patient Classification Systems.  He conducted in depth department analyses including cost benefit analyses, feasibility studies and work simplification techniques. 

                Prior to 1983 Mike worked at the University of Illinois Hospital in Chicago in several capacities.  He completed his residency at Mercy Hospital and Medical College in Chicago in 1978.   

                Mike obtained his Master of Arts in Healthcare Administration from the George Washington University in Washington, DC in 1978 and his Bachelors of Arts in Pre-medical Sciences from Yeshiva University in New York City in 1976.    

                He is a member of American Association of Healthcare Consultants, the New England Association of Independent Healthcare Consultants, The American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE), the Massachusetts Regents Advisory Committee, and the American Hospital Association.


Robert A. DeNoble

 Bob has over twenty years experience as a senior executive at health care institutions and as a health care management consultant. Prior to working with Behavioral Health Care Consultants, he held a senior position with KPMG LLP, a major international accounting and consulting firm where he led the firm’s behavioral health consulting practice.  Prior to that he served as Vice President for Operations at Rhode Island Hospital in Providence and as Associate General Director of McLean Hospital in Belmont , Massachusetts .   In these positions, Bob was involved in numerous strategic and facility planning initiatives.  He worked closely with architects and engineers in planning new facilities at McLean Hospital , Rhode Island Hospital, and Mount Auburn Hospital .

In his consulting role, Bob assisted many health provider organizations in determining the financial feasibility of capital projects and in preparing the necessary analysis to obtain debt financing through tax exempt revenue bonds.

In addition to his professional work activities, Bob serves on the Board of Trustees, and is Chairman of the Finance Committee of the Austen Riggs Center in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, a comprehensive mental health institution, and has been a member of the Board of Germaine Lawrence, Inc., a community based residential program for emotional disturbed adolescent girls.  Bob is a founding director of the Harvard Business School Health Industry Alumni Association and has served as Chair of the Annual Healthcare Conference in 2000, 2001, and 2002.

In both executive and consulting roles, Bob has worked with numerous health care organizations in developing and implementing strategic, organizational, operational, and financial plans for growth and development.  In is role as a board member of the Austen Riggs Center , in additional to chairing the Finance Committee, he served on the Strategic Planning Committee.  The work of Strategic Planning Committee led to a plan to expand programs and services and to conduct a facilities master plan.  This process is currently ongoing.

Bob received his MBA degree from the Harvard Business School

Lincoln Williams  

Lincoln has worked in the health care industry since 1978. In addition to positions in the areas of health care policy and hospital operations, he has accumulated more than 20 years as a strategic planning expert. In this capacity he has worked with a variety of healthcare organizations across almost the entire spectrum of care.

Lincoln recently completed a major assignment in which he managed a process to reengineer the operations of a 180 bed free standing mental health facility. As a result of this process the hospital  was able to eliminate more than 80 FTEs while at the same time improving the day to day delivery of care.

Lincoln currently serves as the Chairman of the Board for the Roxbury Home for Aged Women/Sophia Snow House based in Boston , Massachusetts . He led the transformation of this 24 bed “home for aged women” through a process which has resulted in the development of a 106 bed facility providing low and moderate income housing for elderly residents (women and men) of the greater Boston area.

In addition to professional and charitable activities Lincoln serves on the Board of the Gateway Group, Boston Massachusetts . He is a past member of the Regents Advisory Council of the American College for Healthcare Executives. He has also served in board capacities with the Visiting Nurse Association of Central Massachusetts (Vice President) and The New England Society for Healthcare Strategy.

Lincoln graduated from the George Washington University with a Master’s Degree in Hospital Administration.

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